Douglas Fargo
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Organization Global Dynamics
Position Personal Assistant

Director of Research

Status Alive
Location Eureka
Spouse None
Children None
Played by Neil Grayston
Academic statistics
Fields Artificial intelligence
Alma mater Unknown
Known for S.A.R.A.H.
Awards None

Douglas Fargo, commonly just called "Fargo," is an artificial intelligence expert, and commonly worked under the Director of Research as a personal assistant during Timeline A, and surprisingly was the Director of Research in Timeline B.

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Personal Life Edit

Fargo is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Relationships Edit

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Romantic Relationships Edit

Fargo has had many crushes but few working relationships. He was constantly seeking female companionship, almost to the point of desperation. However, there are couple notable exceptions.

Julia Golden Edit

Julia Golden was a behavioral researcher that had a crush on Fargo, without his noticing until she stole Jo Lupo's identity. After her deception was revealed, Julia and Fargo dated for several months.

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