Jim Taggart
Vital statistics
Title Biological containment specialist
Gender Male
Organization Global Dynamics
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Status Alive
Location Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Played by Matt Frewer
Academic statistics
Fields Cryptozoology, zoology, biology
Alma mater Unknown
Known for Unknown
Awards Unknown

Jim Taggart, usually just called Taggart, is an expert on biology and zoology, especially cryptozoology. Taggart is originally from Australia, and speaks with a thick Australian accent. He's also an outdoorsman, preferring to "rough it" whenever possible.

Career Edit

Little of his time was spent in Eureka, as most of his research took him into the field.

Personal Life Edit

Taggart was born and raised in Australia.

Relationships Edit

Friendships Edit

Taggart developed a close friendship with Jack Carter.

Romantic Relationships Edit

Taggart and Jo Lupo dated for a short period in 2006, but the relationship never went anywhere.

Memorable Quotes Edit