Important CharactersEdit

Main Characters Supporting Characters Recurring Characters
These people are those around which the series revolves. They appear in all or most episodes. These are regular characters, but do not play as large a roll as their main character counterparts. They also appear less often. These characters appear every so often.

Other PeopleEdit

These people appear for one or two episodes and are usually redshirts . They are listed in order of appearance.

Character Appearances
William "Bill" Cobb
Susan Perkins (clone)
Walter Perkins
Bill Cobb
Brian Perkins
Warren King
Susan Perkins
Jason Anderson
Claudia Donovan

Characters Mentioned But Never SeenEdit

Name Episode(s) Additonal Information
Ned Carver 1x01 - Pilot Ned Carver was a cattle rancher. He was infamous for calling the to Sheriff's office report that aliens had abducted some of his cattle. Usually he had miscounted his herd.
Albert Einstein

1x01 Pilot

4x01 Founder's Day

Albert Einstein was one of the founders of Eureka, and assisted in building the Einstein-Grant Bridge Device.