Warren King
Vital statistics
Title Professor
Gender Male
Organization Global Dynamics
Position Director of Research
Status Fired
Location Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Played by Greg Germann
Academic statistics
Fields Astrophysics, Cosmology
Alma mater Unknown
Known for The origin point
Awards Nobel Prize

Warren King was a high-level researcher and head of Global Dynamics. His research focused on finding the point of origin of the universe. (1x01 "Pilot").

Career Edit

King's research primarily revolved around finding the origin point of the universe, or the location where the Big Bang occurred, by using software to track cosmological events.

Towards the end of his tenure as Director of Research, a Sentex chip had been stolen from Section 5, and he attempted to cover up the theft by enlisting Douglas Fargo. Presumably, after the theft resulted in a major incident and a cover-up was attempted, the Department of Defense removed him from his position.

Hobbies Edit

King liked to use a holographic generator in his lab to play a samurai game.